Boronia Juniors

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We are proud of our connection with Boronia Junior Football Club – they are our future. The junior club and senior club enjoy being part of many fantastic initiatives together throughout each year, they include:

  • Senior players attending our Integration Days
  • Senior / Junior club photo
  • Senior team holding a clinic for the juniors
  • Senior players and coaches attending Junior jumper presentation day
  • Senior club hosting junior half time games
  • Boronia Hawka Coterie Group funding the junior “Planning to Win” sessions for our junior coaches
  • Boronia Past players awarding trophies
  • Junior parents cooking BBQ at the senior home games
  • U17 players preseason training with Seniors
  • Junior parents helping out at Finals time
  • Senior players coming down to junior training and running training sessions

To learn more or to get involved with the Boronia Junior Football Club please visit their website